Working together is success

Agile Processes

As a top supplier to a very large engineering enterprise, we fully comply with strict development, support and maintenance processes for large and complex systems.

We have years of experience in adapting Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban to develop ways of working that maximize value while reducing risk. This way of working encourages continuous improvement and allows for fast and flexible responses to changing requirements, regardless of the project size.


Whatever your needs, we can help achieve your business goals


Our professional engineers work in cross-functional teams built up of system architects, product managers, program managers, feature owners and agile coaches with decades of DevOps experience.

Depending on the assignments complexity and levels of skills required, the distribution of the team members can vary. We can confidently embed our people within existing project organizations or take full responsibility for the entire end-to-end solution.

With a strong product management culture, DEK Technologies can fully coordinate and handle all processes ensuring the success of every project.

Not only do our multinational teams’ expand our global reach but they also provide our clients with other substantial benefits such as:

  • Covering multiple time-zones – allowing work to be done around the clock
  • Cost advantage – by utilizing our cost-efficient development center in Vietnam

No matter where our international teams are located we appoint one single point of contact (SPOC) towards the client. The SPOC then interfaces towards our other DEK offices coordinating all internal activities related to that project. This approach has proven to be highly successful amongst our customers.

Business Model

The DEK Technologies business model creates mixed teams from our offices in Australia, Vietnam, Sweden and Italy to deliver high value products to clients. This proven approach draws on the best mix of people from our global offices where the mix is fine-tuned to meet each client’s business goals.

Our cost-effective business model allows us to successfully deliver solutions across different work cultures, languages and time-zones.

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