DEK Technologies CEO and co-founder Drini Mulla adresses the importance of culture and employees wellbeing, especially in times like these. 

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Drini Mulla

Drini Mulla


A good company culture involves loyalty, open and honest communication and providing an environment of inclusivity. DEK Technologies has 500 staff across four countries, so embracing cultural diversity and understanding is key. So is hiring employees that are a good fit for the business and retaining this talent.

We operate in agile teams, giving employees autonomy and a sense of control and freedom. Our employees have the flexibility to work remotely and the opportunity to work at our various offices which gives them additional experience and perspectives. When COVID-19 hit, we offered six weeks paid sick leave for employees that may have contracted the virus.

Our hiring process is transparent so that potential employees know what we stand for – an engineering company run by engineers for engineers. We work hard to make sure that staff have the right tools to do their job and are able to openly communicate how they feel.


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