Comitting to Net Zero by 2030

1.5 degrees C Emission Targets

Climate change is a big problem that affects everyone.

We believe it is our responsibility and in our best interest to systematically advert climate change and move towards a green sustainable planet.

As a global business operating in 3 continents, we have made a worldwide commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2030.

We understand the importance of actively reducing our carbon footprint and have been committed to the cause for many years. We have reduced our greenhouse gas by 75% since 2014 and are continuing the trend, now at a greater speed, to reduce even further.



Quarterly DEK Greenhouse gas produced from electricity and gas consumption

Being a responsible business means being 100% responsible

Initiatives implemented so far


  • Replaced complete air-conditioning unit with multiple units with higher efficiency
  • Recycling of Glass/Plastic/Paper
  • Disposal of electronic waste equipment (including batteries) through e-waste providers
  • “Go Green Campaign” started in 2019 à Go Green charter
  • Removal of all use of plastic
  • Insisted on double glazed windows in our new building in Vietnam
  • LED lighting in the new building in Vietnam
  • Economy air travel only

Other initiatives for consideration


  • Use of a certified green energy providers
  • Installation of LED lighting
  • Installation of Solar panels
  • Installation of motion sensors in offices
  • Tree planting activities
  • Car pooling
  • Encourage staff to cycle to work
  • Install electric charging stations at work

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