3 countries, 3 continents, 1 company


DEK Technologies develops cutting-edge software and hardware solutions across a diverse range of technology sectors. Our 700+ team has extensive experience in a range of applications, including software and embedded systems, real-time solutions, hardware design, telecoms and data communications. We provide product development services, from initial design concept through to implementation, verification, delivery and field support.

DEK Technologies was established in Melbourne Australia in 1999, with 3 engineers offering software and hardware development services to the telecommunications industry. When one of the world’s largest multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services companies announced the closing of its regional research and development laboratory in Melbourne, in 2002, over 450 staff members were made redundant and in search of new jobs. DEK Technologies took this opportunity to secure specialist engineering competence and has now grown into a global organization.

Today, our engineers work on products responsible for handling 40% (nearly 4 billion) of the world’s daily mobile calls. Our projects and assignments span multiple industries and countries, with opportunities of expanding further in global markets.

We have grown from 3 to over 700+ people by developing and strengthening our range of capabilities and strategically opening up offices in 3 different locations.

DEK Technologies is a global, best in class provider of software and hardware development services to hi-tech industries

Core Values


As a growing company, we remain loyal to our core values and our clients’ always come first. With a culture of integrity we believe in being 100% transparent regarding all assignments and aim to deliver high quality and cost-effective solutions.

We work with large and small businesses. No matter the size of the project, duration of a few months or a few years, whether the market is local or international, we can tailor a solution to fit your needs.


Open and honest communication

Innovative and cost-effective solutions

Cooperative and flexible approach

Commitment to client interests and objectives

Professional, high quality service

Efficient, competitive service

DEK Technologies provides services that consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of customers


DEK Technologies is committed to a comprehensive Quality Management System. The DEK Technologies Quality
Management System complies with the ISO 9001 standard. Certification was first awarded in August 2006 and is
maintained to this day.

Quality Policy

The staff and management team fully support our Quality Policy, which states (in part) that: DEK Technologies provides
services that consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, in order to generate sustained, profitable
growth. This is achieved through a structured processes view of our company operations, indexed at the top level by our

‘Quality Management System Manual.’

The cornerstones for DEK Technologies ongoing success are:

  • Supportive management that steers the business in a responsible way
  • Continuous improvement in all aspects of the business, to support ongoing growth
  • Thoroughly understanding customer needs and forming long term relationships
  • Highly professional, motivated and competent staff


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