Everything at DEK is run with Agile principles and values in mind, from the company operations to the development teams. To reinforce and strengthen the Agile way of working at both team level and enterprise level we have an Agile coach to help us. Prithvi joined DEK in the beginning of 2020 so it’s about time that he introduces himself:

Hi Prithvi, Introduce yourself in one sentence 

I’m Prithvi, a one-stop-source about Agile!  

What is your background? 

After graduating from Koneru Lakshmaiah University, India as an Electronics & Computer engineer, I started my career as a Developer. During my entire 15 years of experience, I had the opportunity to work in several roles – Designer, Architect, Quality Manager, Project Manager, Agile Coach, Product Owner, and Process Excellence Manager.   

What made you want to join DEK?  

DEK seemed like an organization that enables DEKers to excel the art of thinking independently working as a team. This explicit skill favors one’s personal and professional growth. 

Why do you think it’s important to work in an agile way?  

Time to market, innovation and collaboration are a few key elements of an agile business model. In the continuously transforming World, being agile gives the opportunity to gain the competitive edge over the others with a customer centric culture having focus on continuous improvement and/or come up with innovative solutions without compromising quality for every challenge.   

How do you think that you can contribute to DEK in 2020?   

With the key focus of being agile. I would contribute to the team DEK with the transformation from doing agile to being agile; eventually accelerating the team DEK’s agility.  

What are you looking forward to most this year?  

The recent months and years taught me to be more patient and come up with solutions that suits the need of the hour. The start of this year happened to be great and it stands before us like an empty book, waiting to be written with success stories.  

What is your hidden talent?  

I’m a landscape and portrait photographer and Soccer player. I am especially skillful in a position as a forward right player in Soccer.  

When you are not at DEK, what is your favorite thing to do?  

You can find me capturing the nature’s beauty or playing Soccer. After moving to Sweden, I have found a new hobby that I enjoy doing on my free time: Ice skating! I am usually to be found at Kungsträdgåden  or at the Husby ishall during a weekend.  

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