Blade Server for Telecoms

Working with a major global company, DEK Technologies played a key role in developing an ultra-high capacity Blade Server system that is used by many of the biggest Telecommunications operators around the world.

This multi-year, international project utilized design teams in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia to develop a highly scalable and modular Blade Server system that has achieved class leading In-Service-Performance.

The Blade Server system also enables simplified communication networks and easier adjustment to increased capacity demands. Overall, the solution provides a significantly lower OPEX than alternatives.

A follow up project provided further reductions in handling costs by introducing Single System Image concepts particularly in the I/O space and for file handling.

DEK Technologies provided deep competence in high availability, fault tolerant systems design and implementation. This competence had been built up over two decades of work within the Telecom industry.

DEK Technologies worked in many areas of the project:

  • Implementation of a blade server prototype. This was developed over several phases allowing early feedback on clustering performance, potential handling issues and interwork between the application layer and the platform layer.
  • DEK Technologies was part of the small core team of people working on the cluster handler protocols used in the heart of the blade server.
  • Prestudy for the platform functions within the blade server.
  • Detailed pre-execution studies for clustering functions and maintenance functions. The existing maintenance functions were greatly simplified to reflect the different software redundancy approaches introduced via clustering.
  • Implementation and testing of several key platform functions.
  • Preparation and delivery of knowledge transfer workshops in several countries.
  • Participation in end to end testing.
  • Preparation of user documentation for several functions.
  • Customer support.

During the follow up project, DEK Technologies had responsibility for the new backup and cloning functions which simplified file handling while also introducing new blade and cluster recovery principles.

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