Man Overboard Marina Alarm System

As Marinas become more and more popular amongst boat owners, the safety and security of people becomes a critical aspect to the marina infrastructure.

Man Overboard Marina Alarm System is the first alarm system of its kind for marinas and similar floating platforms. It enables someone who has fallen into the water and is unable to get out unaided, a chance to sound an alarm that instantly calls for help.

How does it work?

A marine safety rope runs under the whaling of each arm, finger and floating walkway of a marina. When somebody has fallen into the water and grabbed onto the rope, a switch is triggered sending a signal to the base station releasing text messages out to pre-programmed numbers in our system ensuring that help is on the way.


The nearest dock alarm activates a siren and a bright led strobe of light. It’s also fitted with a Duress button, in case of on dock emergencies.

All switches and dock alarms are battery operated and closely monitored notifying the base station of battery levels, temperatures and any faults.

We are currently live-testing and aim to be product ready by the start of summer 2019. 

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