Intelligent Traffic Systems

The New South Wales (NSW) state government implemented a ‘safety around schools’ initiative that includes a variable speed zone in the immediate road environment around the entrances to schools.

In response to lower than desired compliance to the 40km/h speed zones, the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) implemented a series of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to alert drivers of the speed limit around school zones. The ITS systems are known as School Zone Alert Systems (SZAS).

The SZAS consists of two main parts

  • The Central Management Computer (CMC) provides a central point for real-time control of the local displays around the school zones within the state.
  • The Sign Controller (SC) is the locally installed intelligent unit that communicates (via 3G or satellite) with the CMC and drives the speed zone displays.

DEK Technologies developed a next generation Sign Controller that costs less to manufacture, consumes less power and has a smaller footprint than its predecessor. These next generation Sign Controllers allow for full remote monitoring and control and are being deployed across 3500 sites over a wide area.

The DEK Technologies developed Sign Controller enables RMS to

  • Remotely control the operation of all School Zone Signs across the state from one Central Management Computer
  • Remotely monitor the operational status of all Signs (including display health, battery health, signal strength etc)
  • Promptly respond to issues (e.g. display failure) that are immediately reported by the Sign Controllers
  • Prepare accurate and timely performance/service delivery reports for the operation of the School Zone Alert System

DEK Technologies was responsible for the system design and development, verification and customer field support for the next generation Sign Controller.

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