Online Gardening and the making of e-commerce technology

Sweden’s largest online gardening supplies company, Wexthuset has taken online gardening to a whole new level!

Their OLIVER360 technology, an e-commerce platform with in-house development that generates sales through superior organic search results, has lead the company to achieve an increased turnover of +50% YoY.

DEK Technologies partnered with Wexthuset to help build and deliver their all-in-one e-commerce platform to the global market with a generic version to be deployed in any language using any currency.


Thanks to the cooperation with DEK this was done in a very short period of time. Our platform has very broad functionality and gives medium to large sized companies a scalable architecture that is easy to integrate in their current machinery.
Anders Ljungquist

CTO of Honey Pot Technologies and the founder of OLIVER360

We have been able to expand our business to countries all around the globe including Japan. The decision made to cooperate with DEK proves not only that they can handle the technology, but more importantly, the business model that we provide to our customers.
Lena Ljungquist

CEO and founder of Wexthuset

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