Job description


The Senior Game Artist bridges the gap between designer and developers with the goal of UI implementation within Frostbite Game Engine.

While the Senior Game Artist role incorporates the term “artist,” a solid foundation in development is essential. A prospective Senior Game Artist should possess the ability to grasp design principles, adeptly navigate and compose technical documentation, and, when necessary, engage with undocumented components while being tech-savvy.

Within this role, a Senior Game Artist will function as a collaborative team member responsible for implementing UI systems design in Frostbite, constructing rapid prototypes, match the visual implementation with that of a design file, create needed functionality and add custom animation to enhance the user experience.

Collaboration with UX Designers, UI Artists, and Backend Engineers to deliver features will be a key aspect of the position. Beside being able to have the extensive vocabulary in communicating with the above-mentioned positions, the ideal candidate should demonstrate proficiency in fundamental algebra and geometry (“Game math”), possess knowledge of game systems, and understand programming principles.

Workflow and Key responsibilities

Within the Senior Game Artist role, two primary sub-roles exist: Art-based and Tech. When describing the key responsibilities of each workflow stage, an indicative will specify which role should address each of them.

Responsibilities in stages of development:

  1. Skeleton – Create the base layout structure of a given page, using primitive components (such as rectangles and basic shapes) to map the scale and position of the visual components. The Process is strictly based in a drag and drop interface remarkably like the Unity UI creation process.
  2. Skinning – In this stage the end goal is to match the Skeleton implementation with the provided design files. The assets and the reference colors should be exported from Figma and imported into the engine. Attention to details is important at this stage since the implementation should be 1:1 with the design file (colors, font sizes, element size, element position etc.)
  3. Scripting – Create Visual Scripting classes (Scripts) to add the functionality over the Skeleton and Skinning stages output. The visual scripting system is similar to Unreal engine’s Blueprints. Find below a list with examples of scripting tasks:
    • Connect to an endpoint for accessing Back-End data and use it to populate UI Elements.
    • Create reusable components for interacting with UI elements.
    • Create memory efficient asset handling scripts to manipulate images/ videos/ audios etc.
    • Manage UI entities states based on various scenarios and data.

Job requirements

1. UI and Game Engine Expertise:

Demonstrate 3-5+ years of experience in constructing UI and creating experiences in game engines across various platforms (mobile, web, PC, consoles) or similar transferable experiences.

Optionally possess 5+ years of software development experience.

2. Feature Development:

Showcase 2+ years of experience in releasing updates and new features regularly to a user base or similar transferable experiences.

3. Game Engine Familiarity:

Exhibit proficiency with game engines such as Unity, Unreal, or Frostbite.

4. Pixel-Perfect UI:

Possess an acute eye for pixel-perfect UI, capable of identifying and addressing potential issues with mockups during the design-to-engine transition.

5. Logical Problem Solver with Attention to Detail:

Act as a logical problem solver with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing excellent written and communication skills.

6. Cross-Departmental Communication:

Facilitate effective communication across departments, translating between engineering and UI Art needs, summarizing technical issues, and demonstrating empathy for non-technical team members.

7. Bonus Skills:

Earn bonus points for experience in UI work on AAA game titles, scripting proficiency, and familiarity with building materials/shaders.

8. Hierarchical Interface Knowledge:

Demonstrate knowledge of how hierarchical interfaces are implemented, preferably in Unity, but with acceptable experience in web development (e.g., front-end).

9. Design File Understanding:

Capably understand and follow design files, with experience in Figma considered a plus.


  • Health: Private health plan, people centric culture, stress-reducing structures and communication, Global Wellbeing Programme, onsite session for nutrition and psychotherapy, sports allowance;
  • Family: work from home and flexible working hours, maternity and paternity leave;
  • Community: We care Programme, Endava is growing rapidly and responsibly.
  • Finance: Share Plan, Company Performance Bonus, Your Zone Award, Your Team Award, Referral bonus, parking and lifestyle allowances;
  • Career opportunities: Endava University, complex projects, internal tech communities, trainings, coaching, conferences, workshops, certifications, online learning platforms subscriptions, rotations, access to corporate library;
  • Workspace: space for collaboration, creativity, learning, socializing, relaxation, Inclusion & Diversity Programme, multicultural environment, working with colleagues and clients across different regions.
  • Time away: Loyalty annual leave days & replacement days for weekend bank holidays.

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